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  • Surfacing and Responding to Paradoxical Tensions in Megascale Projects

    New paper co-authored with Anna Wiewiora published in International Journal of Project Management. Surfacing and Responding Paradoxes in Megascale Projects Megaprojects can deliver significant social and economic benefits. However, megaprojects are challenging to manage. They involve multiple stakeholders across various sectors and deliver novel and complex solutions that often require decision makers to deal with […]

  • Unpacking Complexities of Mega-Scale Public Sector IT projects – Systèmes d’Information et Management

    Isabelle Fagnot, Chen Ye, and I have a paper in the current issue of Systèmes d’Information et Management. Mega-scale information technology (IT) projects in the public sector are significant undertakings operating within an ecosystem of stakeholders, resources, and constraints. The track record of these projects is abysmal. Employing an ecosystems lens, we study three failed […]

  • The Perils of Petascale IT Projects

    I have an article published in the current issue of FCW: The Business of Federal Technology on petascale IT projects. Good news: We no longer have to talk about megascale IT projects. Large-scale ventures that typically cost $1 billion or more, megaprojects used to be all the rage, but they are quickly being superseded by petascale […]

  • Talks in Norway – BI, Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology, and SINTEF

    Starting on Thursday, I will be visiting Norway to give several invited lectures. My first stop will be at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. I will be delivering my talk to the Leadership and Organizational Behaviour group. Disastrous Large-Scale Technology Projects in the Public Sector: Unpacking Complexity I will examine what accounts for ‘complexity’ when we […]