Exaptation Potential of Supply Chain Resilience Capabilities during COVID-19

New paper co-authored with David M Herold and Lorenzo B. Prataviera published in Production & Manufacturing Research. Identifying the exaptation potential of supply chain resilience capabilities during COVID-19: Insights from Australia What happens to newly built resilience capabilities when the pandemic is over? Using the concept of exaptation, we investigate how supply chain organizations have […]

Doing strategic information systems research for public value

An editorial co-authored with Greg Dawson published in Journal of Strategic Information Systems. This editorial has two purposes. First, we address why a focus on doing impactful research that creates public value is vital for the present and the future of the information systems (IS) field. Second, we outline practices we have used to build research […]

Enabling cybersecurity incident response agility through dynamic capabilities

New paper co-authored with Humza Naseer, Sean B Maynard, and Atif Ahmad published in European Journal of Information Systems.  We explore how organisations enable agility in their cybersecurity incident response (IR) process by developing dynamic capabilities using real-time analytics (RTA). Drawing on RTA practices in the IR process at three large financial organisations, we develop a framework to explain […]