Building Sustainable Collaborative and Open Innovation Programs – University of Ljubljana

I will be giving an invited lecture at the Raziskovalni center Ekonomske fakultete (Faculty of Economics) of the University of Ljubljana on February 15, 2010. My talk will focus on how organizations can design collaborative innovation programs. Organizations cannot innovate in isolation. Ideas, knowledge, expertise, and processes needed for innovation are often distributed in the […]

Advocating and Screening for Ideas

If you have ideas, what should you do with them? How do you know which ideas to pursue (and which to abandon)? As an idea creator, how do you know which ideas will get the attention of managers or how to present ideas for consideration? As a manager, how do you screen the numerous ideas […]

Speaking at the Washington Technology Industry Association: Securing Organizational Knowledge – Human Intelligence Operations

I will be giving a talk for the Washington Technology Industry Association based on my recent book, Managing Knowledge Security (Kogan Page, 2007). The talk will take place on December 7, 2009 at Seattle University. For details, please click here [Link] Based on his recent book, Managing Knowledge Security: Strategies for Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Assets […]

The Future of Innovation in the Insurance Industry: Talk at PEMCO Insurance

On September 10th, I will be giving a talk at PEMCO Insurance on the Future of Innovation in the Insurance Industry. I plan to outline how insurance providers can enhance service offerings and enrich customer experiences through crafting sustainable innovation processes. This talk is part of PEMCO’s @pfslive series, which brings together over 100 business […]

Speaking at Talent Management – 2009

I will be speaking at the 2009, Talent Management: A Systematic Approach to Acquiring, Developing, and Retaining Talent and Organizational Knowledge Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona (November 4-6, 2009). My talk will discuss key strategies global organizations employ to build effective knowledge transfer and retention strategies. Knowledge Transfer: A System for Capturing and Transferring Institutional Memory […]

Keynote Speaker: First International Conference on Information Society and Information Technology, Slovenia (12-13 October 2009)

I have been invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the First International Conference on Information Society and Information Technology in Novo Mesto (Dolenjske Toplice), Slovenia. The conference is being organized by the Faculty of Information Studies. The Value-Creation Imperative for the Information System Academy: Lessons from Three Radical (Risky) Projects The Information System (IS) […]

How to Implement a Successful Outsourcing Process? – PMI Services & Outsourcing SIG

I will be delivering a webinar on June 17th, 2009 to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Services & Outsourcing Special Interest Group (SIG). My presentation will examine the basic, yet critical question, How to Implement a Successful Outsourcing Process? The presentation will draw heavily from my book, The Outsourcing Handbook (Kogan Page, 2006). For more information, […]

Two Research Seminars at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

I enjoyed delivering two research seminars in Slovenia. Thanks to all that attended. I gained a lot from your feedback and comments. Seminar prof. dr. Kevina C. Desouze (University of Washington, Seattle, WA), z naslovom Designing the Innovation Process: Building, Managing, Communicating and Measuring, bo v sredo, 13. maja 2009, ob 17. uri, v klubski […]

Upcoming Speaking Engagements: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2009

I will be delivering two invited lectures at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana in May. The first talk, Challenges in Inter-Disciplinary Research: Strategies from Crafting Research Ideas to Publishing, will take place on May 11, 2009. In this presentation, I will share my experiences in executing inter-disciplinary research projects. Studying complex phenomenon requires […]