Technology-Enabled Participatory Platforms for Civic Engagement

Akshay Bhagwatwar (Doctoral Candidate, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University) and I have a paper accepted in Journal of Urban Technology. Technology-Enabled Participatory Platforms for Civic Engagement: The Case of US Cities Technology-enabled participatory platforms are proving to be valuable canvases for engaging citizens in solving public good challenges. Citizens are playing a more active role […]

Leveraging Technologies in Public Agencies: US Census Bureau and the 2010 Census – Public Administration Review

I recently completed an examination of how the US Census Bureau leveraged technologies during the 2010 Census with Akshay Bhagwatwar (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University). I am pleased to announce that this paper will appear in a future issue of Public Administration Review. This paper is an illustrative outcome of the policy informatics initiative at the Metropolitan Institute. Policy informatics is […]