University of Wollongong – Research Seminar

I am looking forward to my visit to the University of Wollongong. On Wed, June 10, I will deliver a research presentation at the School of Management, Operations, and Marketing on IT Experiments for Social Good. I will highlight ongoing research projects on how information technology (IT) can be used to solve some of the pressing global […]

Local Government 2035: Strategic Trends and Implications of New Technologies

Today, the Brookings Institution released the Local Government 2035: Strategic Trends and Implications of New Technologies paper as part of the Issues in Technology Innovation series. Technological change is increasingly disruptive and destabilizing. In order to maintain effective governance systems, public sector entities must overcome stagnant tendencies and take a proactive stance—acting in the face of impending technological innovations. Future government […]

Essen and Münster – Research Presentations and AIS Council Meetings

I am heading to Germany for the week. First stop will be in Essen, where I will be deliver two lectures at Hochschule Ruhr West: University of Applied Sciences.   Disentangling Management of Information Systems in the Public Sector Information systems are critical assets that need to be strategically leveraged in the public sector. Yet, we […]

The Sharing Economy and IT Metrics

I recently authored a piece for Governing on how the sharing economy has interesting implications for the future of local governments. Click here for the article. This paper is based on a research study that my team completed on how technology is shaping the future of government. The complete report will be released by the Brookings […]

Dashboards, More Cybersecurity, Citizen Disengagement, and …

It has been a busy few weeks, so here are some research updates: Dashboards and IT Departments in Governing Citizen Disengagement and Local Governments in PM Magazine Several blog posts @TechTank, Brookings Institution Spoke at Center for Science, Policy & Outcomes (CSPO) on Delivering Practical Solutions on Urban Problems (2.12.2015) Briefed the National Association of State […]

Federal Agencies and Cybersecurity – RT USA, Federal News Radio, Brookings

My recent post on US federal agencies cybersecurity preparedness on the Brookings Institution’s TechTank blog has gotten a lot of attention. Jason Miller hosted me on his show, Ask the CIO, on Federal News Radio. Here is a link to the story and the interview. Yesterday, Kena Fedorschak and I were interviewed by Manila Chan on RT America […]

Big Data for Social Innovation Makes SSIR Top 10 List for 2014

Big Data for Social Innovation published in Stanford Social Innovation Review made the 2014 top ten list at #5. Authors Kevin Desouza and Kendra Smith suggest that nonprofits are falling behind scientific and business communities in using digital technology, and offer four steps to improve how social change organizations use big data for innovation.

Centralization of IT Governance in the Public Sector

James Denford, Gregory Dawson, and I have a paper accepted for presentation at the Forty-Eighth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. An Argument for Centralization of IT Governance in the Public Sector Using a configurational crisp set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (csQCA) approach, we find that effective public sector IT governance is structured differently than […]

AIS Council Meetings and ICIS – Auckland

I will be heading to  Auckland, New Zealand for the International Conference on Information Systems. First, I will be attending the AIS Council meetings for two days prior to the conference. I serve as the VP of Communication for the Association for Information Systems. Second, I will participate as a faculty mentor for the Mid-Career Consortium. Third, during the […]

Capturing the Wisdom of Crowds – Planning

I have an article in the current issue of the American Planning Association’s Planning magazine. Capturing the Wisdom of Crowds Combining citizen intelligence and online civic platforms. By Kevin C. Desouza and Kendra L. Smith Technology platforms for citizen intelligence are springing up quickly. Platforms such as Deliberatorium, DebateGraph, Cohere, YourView, and CoPe_it! all allow for extensive […]