New report co-authored with Samar Fatima for the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Quantum computing is evolving from the fantastical to the achievable. Accelerated developments show promise for leveraging quantum computing to address previously intractable problems in government. The technology can foster immense potential benefits for the public, alongside far-reaching implications from using quantum technologies are likely to be widespread. Developing “quantum-safe” capabilities is crucial to maintaining data security and integrity for critical applications. Government leaders face an urgent need to develop a quantum-safe strategy and roadmap. 

A recent roundtable discussion with leaders from the Australian government informed this new report, outlining themes and recommendations for governments as they embark on the journey to quantum. Participants discussed major questions to help inform government decision making and design principles, including:

  1. How are agencies planning for the adoption of quantum strategies?
  2. How can agencies be “quantum safe” and address related protocols to address emerging government and regulatory standards?
  3. What is the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) for quantum computing?
  4. What are best practice insights from other governments?

We hope that this report, which draws on insights from the roundtable and analysis by the authors, provides government leaders and stakeholders with a practical set of considerations and potential actions that enable them to capture benefits from quantum computing.

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