I just returned from a wonderful trip to Chicago. During my visit, I had the opportunity to talk with senior leaders of the University of Illinois at Chicago. At a special event called Celebrating the College of Business Administration (CBA), I was honored by being inducted into the Alumni Leadership Academy (ALA) as part of the 2011 Class.  “The ALA celebrates those alumni who best exemplify the College of Business Administration’s commitment to leadership, teaching, research and service. Inductions to the academy are held every year to honor outstanding CBA alumni whose contributions in these areas raise the stature and standing of the college.”[1] I dedicated my award to the undergraduate advisors I had during my time at the CBA.

[1] http://uic.edu/cba/alumni/ala.html

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  1. Congratulations ! We are proud and happy of all your achievements.
    Thank the Lord always for giving you all the opportunities, the energy and strength to achieve so much in life.

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