My second post on the Harvard Business Review site went live today! The post was written in collaboration with H. James Wilson and is titled, Finally, A Majority of Executives Embrace Experimentation. The post outlines the value proposition of building an experimentation culture within organizations and how executives can support employee experimentation.

The post has been picked up by Bloomberg Businessweek as well.

We would love to hear your comments on the ideas presented.

2 Responses

  1. Enjoyed reading your paper! I see several crucial points here. First, and most obvious, experimentation is important vehicle for creativity and consequently innovation. You point out several good examples of that. Second, it is strongly linked to the idea of learning organization. In this context, experimentation is desired and seen as a value. However, this is not true per se. It is only valuable when organization and not only an individual has learned something as a results of certain experimentation. So, Kevin, your idea of routinzed experimentation is definitelly worth further exploring. I would be curious to know what are successful experimenters doing that less successful aren’t, for instance. Third, I would say that results of your study are related to and highly relevant for the current situation in business environment. High uncertainty means greater demand for less ‘proven’, data-based solutions and quicker response times. So, experimentation is surely in place.

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