For those interested in keeping up with saga, you can see Sir Alex’s respone to the Rooney speculations this morning. Sir Alex confirmed that Rooney would like to leave, but is keeping the door open for him to stay with the club. What do you think the two of them should do?  Can this relationship be saved? Can we design new metrics, besides the traditional ones (e.g. number of goals scored, number of red cards received, etc.), to evaluate a player’s contribution to a team? What lessons can we learn about the role that incentives play in motivating performance and behavior, especially in the case of superstars?

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  1. You can take Sir Alex message two ways: 1) claiming plain innocence and trying to get the public on his side and Man United so dropping the ball on Wayne’s team or 2) A final take in the saga. The relationship “father to son” is broken. I do not think those relationships exist in football. No with the money that circulates there. Sir Alex is Wayne’s boss dot.

  2. Being a MUFC supporter, I am hopeful the relationship can be saved. Sometimes what is important is for people to realize that there are things bigger than themselves. In this case, both Rooney and Sir Alex need to put the club, the supporters, and the game of football, ahead of their own personal egos!

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