I was interviewed for an article in the current issue (Sept 8, 2008) of Federal Computer Week. The article, “Army Retools Knowledge Culture”, by Brian Robinson can be found here [LINK].

A few quotes from the article:

  • “Desouza proposed a four-step process to put the guidelines to use:
    – Outline clear processes and technologies to achieve them. – Create a management model to guide how these processes and technologies will be implemented. – Produce evaluation criteria to gauge performance. – Educate Army personnel on all of this.
  • Moreover, in the Army, like most other branches [of the government], having things in writing and clearly publishing them gives them more credibility.
  • Desouza placed it in the top 5 percent of all government organizations for its expertise and in the top 15 percent across government and the private sector.

See below for my research papers that examine knowledge management programs of defense organizations:

  • Desouza, K.C., and Vanapalli, G.K. “Securing Knowledge in Organizations: Lessons from the Defense and Intelligence Sectors,” International Journal of Information Management, 25 (1), 2005, 85-98. [LINK]
  • Lausin, A., Desouza, K.C., and Kraft, G.D. “Knowledge Management in the US Army,” Knowledge and Process Management, 10 (4), 2003, 218-230. [LINK]

I am currently working on a paper which examines the information and knowledge management challenges in the US Intelligence Community.

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