A kind and warm review of my book was recently published in the International Journal of Information Management [Vol. 27, Iss. 6, (2007) 438–441]. The review was written by Stuart James Fitz-Gerald of Kingston Business School. Here are some excerpts…

“A particularly attractive aspect of the volume is its wide ranging content. Each author explores a different aspect of agile IS which allows each chapter to be read independently without losing impact. Or, if the reader so chooses, in sequence to build a structured understanding of the subject matter that comprises agile IS…”

“The content is thought provoking, sometimes controversial, but never dull. It presents a wake-up call to managers. Pressing them to understand that a ‘‘business as usual approach’’ will just not do.”

“I like this book very much. It makes you sit back and take stock, encourages you to discard irrelevant clutter and to adopt a new system of thinking about IS which is broad ranging and practical. It is one of those scary volumes which make you suspect that what you hold dear might be out of date, needs amending and forces you to establish new agenda. The editor is to be congratulated. If you want to buy a piece of the future make sure you get this book.”

The complete review can be found at: LINK
To purchase the book: Amazon

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  1. Great line: “if you want to buy a piece of the future make sure you get this book.Wow!

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