Five Quick Thoughts….

I am continuing to enjoy my stay in Mumbai, India. So far, I have had a chance to meet with several executives, professors, and even students. Here are five quick thoughts:
(1) the innovative forces in India are being mobilized at an ever-increasing speed…
(2) India, may be its own worst enemy, if it does not come up with plans to deal with the influx of population, the large disparities in income, and also improvements to the public infrastructure…
(3) the Universities and Colleges here are second to none…what is even more interesting, is the fact that most students want to stay and work in India (rather than the historic trend of going abroad…see…LINK)
(4) there is increasing hope that the relationship between New Delhi (India) and Beijing (China) will improve…leading to greater economic cooperation between the two fastest growing economies…
(5) the food is excellent, the people are nice, and weather during the month of January is excellent…

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