Bryce Smart (an MSIM student at the Information School, University of Washington) and I have an article published in the current issue of Business Strategy Review.

Most organizations face dire challenges in adopting new technologies. New technologies are often met with resistance. Resistance is followed by the under-utilization of the technology. This leaves the organization both vulnerable to critical disruptions in business processes and in a poor competitive position. While most organizations face challenges in technology adoption, the challenge for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is even more dire.

SMEs often do not possess the necessary slack resources to give attention to new technologies as they are too busy making ends meet. They may also lack the necessary know-how to decide on new technologies or decipher the value to their organizations. Perhaps the biggest problem they face is resistance from employees tied to the status quo. Based on our experience, we offer 10 lessons for the SME manager to address “technology resisters”, those who oppose new technology for whatever reason, to get them on board.

Reference: Smart, B.A., and Desouza, K.C. “Overcoming Technology Resistance,” Business Strategy Review, 18(4), 2007, 25-28.

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