Overcoming Technology Resistance – Business Strategy Review

Bryce Smart (an MSIM student at the Information School, University of Washington) and I have an article published in the current issue of Business Strategy Review. Most organizations face dire challenges in adopting new technologies. New technologies are often met with resistance. Resistance is followed by the under-utilization of the technology. This leaves the organization […]

Complexities of Large-Scale Technology Project Failure

I have a new paper accepted for publication. The paper, “Complexities of Large-Scale Technology Project Failure: A Forensic Analysis of the Seattle Popular Monorail Authority”, will appear in Public Performance & Management Review (http://mesharpe.com/mall/results1.asp?ACR=PMR). I co-authored the paper with one of my former graduate students of the Information School (University of Washington), Nina Yuttapongsontorn, and […]