I was recently asked to consider serving as a reviewer for the Qatar National Research Fund. I have gladly accepted this honor. I grew up in Qatar (spent 16 years there) and it is nice to be able to contribute back to the country. More information on the Qatar National Research Foundation (QNRF) can be found at: http://www.qnrf.info/s2/index.php. QNRF is the Qatar’s equivalent to the National Science Foundation (USA).

As noted on the QNRF website:

“Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) was established in 2006 to administer funding for original, competitively selected research in engineering and technology, physical and life sciences, medicine, humanities, social sciences and the arts.

QNRF play a vital role in the development of Qatar’s knowledge-based economy: by providing financial support to researchers at all levels, from students to professionals, in the private, public and academic sectors, they seek to advance knowledge and education on a national, regional and international scale. Further, as part of their overall strategy QNRF aim to foster collaborations within academia and through public private partnership inside and outside of Qatar

Qatar Foundation envisions research as a catalyst for expanding and diversifying a country’s economy; enhancing the education and well-being of its citizens and the training and development of its workforce. QNRF actively seeks internationally recognized researchers to study topics of regional and global importance; however it is primarily dedicated to funding research in the national interest and fostering improvements in the health, environment and security for the people of Qatar and the region.”

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