Please see the current issue of Manager ( for an interview that I gave when I was in Slovenia. The interview was conducted at a local café in Ljubljana by Bojana Humar. She interviewed me on various issues ranging from ideas for entrepreneurship to my views on foreign policy and my work at the University of Washington. During the interview we also touched on issues such as how did I get involved in entrepreneurship and key events/experiences that have informed my current professional (and personal) trajectory.

Reference: Humar, B. “LJUDJE & IDEJE – MLADI: Indij?eve ameriške sanje,” Manager (Slovenian), October 10, 2007, 38-40

Picture Credit: Andrej Kriz

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  1. I would like to read your interview that took place in Slovenian. How do I find it written in english?

  2. I would like to read your interview taken in Slovenian. Where do I go to read it in english?

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