September Collection Sneak a Peek
Aug 29, 2007

“The most important resource of all is time,” said Kevin Desouza, PhD. And, how true it is. His suggestion for entrepreneurs both seasoned and new is to try and spend your (precious) time on value-added tasks–those tasks that generate revenue, position your company strategically better than your competition, and bring out innovation. Dr. Desouza stated that “entrepreneurs should not spend their time processing payroll, making travel plans, etc., but should rather spend time building new products and services for strategic gain for their firm. The former is a dangerous activity for entrepreneurs as they view strategic sourcing (outsourcing) as a COST rather than an opportunity cost of saving TIME–time you could spend on your core competencies.” The complete article and collection on “Strategic Sourcing” will go live in early September on the eVenturing site.


Desouza Profile [LINK]

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