Hybrid C2 Structures: Between Hierarchies and Edge Organizations

I am going to start working on a new research project with Sumit Roy (LINK). Our project was recently funded through a grant from the Center for Edge Power, [sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration (OASD-NII)], Naval Postgraduate School. Broad Agency Announcement NPS BAA-07-001. Here is […]

University Week…uweek.org…ETC: campus news & notes

A brief note about my recent visit to Slovenia for the Bled Strategic Forum can be found in the University Week. EUROPEAN CHALLENGES: Kevin DeSouza, assistant professor in the Information School and director of the UW Institute for National Security Education & Research, was a panelist in the second annual conference of the Bled Strategic […]

Luncheon Keynote Address: Tennessee State University

I gave the luncheon keynote address for the Fall Intelligence Colloquium held at Tennessee State University. My talk focused on the information management challenges facing the intelligence community. Specifically, I addressed challenges in recruiting adequate and capable human sources, evaluating sources of information in dynamic environments, cultural impediments to interpretations, and challenges in coordinating actions […]

Technology and Power-Shifts: Innovation and Security

I finished giving two lectures at Tennessee State University (http://www.tnstate.edu/) this afternoon. The lectures were attended by students at the College of Business (http://www.cob.tnstate.edu/). My talk focused on how one must understand the changing nature of technology and the impacts on traditional power structures of developed societies. I focused specifically on the discontinuous aspects of […]

Read the Highlights…eVenturing – Kauffman Foundation

September Collection Sneak a PeekAug 29, 2007 “The most important resource of all is time,” said Kevin Desouza, PhD. And, how true it is. His suggestion for entrepreneurs both seasoned and new is to try and spend your (precious) time on value-added tasks–those tasks that generate revenue, position your company strategically better than your competition, […]

Kaufmann Foundation collection on Strategic Sourcing: A New Way to Think about Outsourcing

I was interviewed for the lead article for the Kaufmann Foundation collection on Strategic Sourcing: A New Way to Think about Outsourcing. A summary of the collection:Using a combination of theory, practice, and real-life stories of entrepreneurs like you, this Collection surveys how outsourcing can best serve today’s entrepreneur, president, or CEO. Which functions make […]

Keynote Speaker: Tennessee State University

I will be the luncheon keynote speaker for an Intelligence Community (IC) event at Tennessee State University on September 21, 2007. The event is organized by TSU’s Pilot Center for Academic Excellence in Intelligence Studies. My talk will discuss the information management challenges facing the IC. I will lay the foundation for a more engaged […]

Off to the UK

I am off to the UK for two weeks. My travels will take me to York, Wigan, Cambridge, and London. I am looking forward to my second visit to the UK this year…

Courses for the Autumn Quarter

I have completed preparing the syllabi for the courses that I am teaching this Autumn Quarter… IMT 583: Finance and Accounting Foundations for Information Professionals [Link to Syllabus]IMT 581: Information and the Management of Change [Link to Syllabus] Link to the syllabi will only be available to students enrolled at the University of Washington. If […]