My Slovenia Itinerary…

Here is my schedule for my visit to Slovenia. Thanks to Peter Baloh for arranging most of my itinerary during my visit. If you would like to meet with me during my visit, please send me an email. There might be a few more open slots…

  • Aug 22 – Leave Seattle, and head to Munich…
  • Aug 23 – Leave Munich, and arrive in Slovenia…
    · Check-in at Hotel Emonec and see Ljubljana (the Castle, University, and the University Library, among other sites)
    · Dinner at Pete’s and Lidija’s (see
  • Aug 24 – Drive out of Ljubljana @ 09:00AM at latest with Pete…
    · Meeting with the Executive Board of Trimo (see @ 10:00 AM. Attendees at the meeting will include the CEO, R&D Director, among other senior executives. I will give a presentation on my recent research on Organizational Innovation Programs. The specific goals will be to share details on how to develop global innovation processes, measure the performance of the innovation process, and also tie innovation activities to business value outcomes.
    · At 12.30: Coffee/snack en-route back to Ljubljana
    · Meeting the press. I will be interviewed by Mrs Bojana Humar, deputy editor-in-chief of the Manager (see @ 1:30pm. This interview will be for a feature article in the ‘Young and Fast’ section of Manager. This section introduces people who, at young age, have achieved much more than their same-age counterparts in the same fields.
    · Coffee/snack, meeting with Professor Dr. Talib Damij of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana ( ) and Professor Dr Cene Bavec of the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska (
    · At 4.30 PM lunch reflecting the day (along with a glass or two or three of wine)
    · At 5.30 PM back to Hotel Emonec to take a afternoon nap and freshen up
    · At 8 PM: Pete will pick me up in the evening for an exploratory study of Ljubljana nightlife (Part I) – not mere ethnography but rather participative observation
  • Aug 25 – Visit the Slovenian Coast
  • Aug 26 – Lunch in Bled with Pete (we should be discussing his dissertation progress and research projects at this time)…Then, check-in to Hotel Park and get ready for Bled Strategic Forum (
  • Aug 27 – Bled Strategic Forum
  • Aug 28 – Visit the Goriska Brda (wine growing region) and then drive to Ljubljana…Evening, exploratory study of Ljubljana nightlife (Part II) – not mere ethnography but rather participative observation
  • Aug 29 – Fly back to Seattle, via Munich

I am looking forward to this exciting visit…Cheers…After Slovenia, I then head to the UK for two weeks…the UK initenary is still being finalized, but so far I have events scheduled in York, Wigan, Flitwick, Cambridge, and of course, London…

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  1. I am seriously envious of your trip. Are you SURE you don’t need a baggage handler? I can double as a chauffer…Chris Rivinus

  2. Desouza, you are a world traveler…Man! How do you get these gigs!…Just like Chris, if you need some bodyguards let me know…JS

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