Here is my schedule for my visit to Slovenia. Thanks to Peter Baloh for arranging most of my itinerary during my visit. If you would like to meet with me during my visit, please send me an email. There might be a few more open slots…

I am looking forward to this exciting visit…Cheers…After Slovenia, I then head to the UK for two weeks…the UK initenary is still being finalized, but so far I have events scheduled in York, Wigan, Flitwick, Cambridge, and of course, London…

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  1. I am seriously envious of your trip. Are you SURE you don’t need a baggage handler? I can double as a chauffer…Chris Rivinus

  2. Desouza, you are a world traveler…Man! How do you get these gigs!…Just like Chris, if you need some bodyguards let me know…JS

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