Bon Voyage from Slovenia

I am off to Frankfurt (in 1 hr and 34 minutes).

I am writing this entry from the Ljubljana airport.

I have had a great time in Slovenia. I would like to thank my host, Peter and Lidija, for all their hard work in arranging my itinerary and taking me to see the beautiful sites of this great country. In addition, thanks to the organizers of the Bled Strategic Forum, and especially Dr. Rupel for the invitiation. The organizers took care of every detail of my stay, from flights to hotels to visiting Bled and much more…Thank you…Special thanks goes to my foreign liaison officer, the entire security detail at the conference who kept us safe and secure, and even the great staff at Hotel Park in Bled…I enjoyed the discussions with all of the government officials, executives, students, policymakers, and researchers…I can go on thanking several 100 other people from the bartenders to the waitresses to the receptionist to the chef, but will summarize with the following –

Slovenia is a great country…it is a beautiful country…and the people of Slovenia are kind, fun, humble, welcoming…and most importantly, pleasant to interact with…

For those that have not been to Slovenia…it is a must see…

P.S. Yesterday, I went through the Alps and then spent the rest of the day in the Slovenian wine country…Life does not get much better than this…

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