I am almost all set for my trip to Slovenia…I will be headed out on Aug 22 and will return on Aug 29. I fly into Munich and will stay there for a day, before heading to Slovenia.

I have prepared my remarks for the panel on Global Preponderance for the Bled Strategic Forum (http://www.bledstrategicforum.org/). I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with various EU leaders, dignitaries from various countries in Asia and Europe, and renowned scholars and strategic thinkers. I will be staying at the Hotel Park (http://www.hotel-park-bled.com/) (see some of the pictures!). I will share a copy of my remarks on the Blog upon my return from Slovenia….

During my stay, I will also visit several leading manufacturing and IT organizations. These visits will be to foster discussions on strategic innovation programs and build collaborative ties. Finally, I will visit the University of Ljubljana (see http://www.uni-lj.si/) and spend a few days with my doctoral student, and friend, Peter Baloh…

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