Bon Voyage from Slovenia

I am off to Frankfurt (in 1 hr and 34 minutes). I am writing this entry from the Ljubljana airport. I have had a great time in Slovenia. I would like to thank my host, Peter and Lidija, for all their hard work in arranging my itinerary and taking me to see the beautiful sites […]

Bled Strategic Forum Update – III

I am done with my talk at the Bled Strategic Forum, for those interested in watching it, please see- LINK for the video. By all accounts, the discussion went very well. I am thankful to the organizers of the Bled Strategic Forum for putting together an exciting and challenging agenda. I was glad that my […]

Bled Strategic Forum Update – II

Picture with H.E. Dr. Rupel, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and Chairman of the Bled Strategic Forum, and other invited panelist (Source:

Bled Strategic Forum – I

I am now at Bled. I got here yesterday at about 2 PM. The security around Bled is tight (very…very tight). Each of the speakers has their own security detail, and many of them have multiple units. The police are all over the City of Bled and everyone is on high alert. This is good […]

Blogging from Slovenia…

The past 72 hrs have been nothing short of fun and exciting….Slovenia is a beautiful country…Here is a brief recap of my days in Slovenia… I arrived in Slovenia at 11 AM on Aug 23, 2007 via Munich. Met Peter at the airport and then headed to Hotel Emonec ( After dropping off my bags, […]

Elitist communities… or not… ?

Peter Baloh ( my PhD student at the Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University, Slovenia, posted the following comments at – The AOM and the AMCIS conferences and my travel there got me thinking… I consider myself lucky to be living in a quite advanced economy, and even by sharing my room with other […]

My Slovenia Itinerary…

Here is my schedule for my visit to Slovenia. Thanks to Peter Baloh for arranging most of my itinerary during my visit. If you would like to meet with me during my visit, please send me an email. There might be a few more open slots… Aug 22 – Leave Seattle, and head to Munich… […]

Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal

I have just accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Board of Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal (see Dr. Marco Busi (University of Strathclyde) is the Editor of the journal. It is an honor to be asked to join the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board has several notable researchers such as Professor Bjorn Andersen, […]