Greetings from Manchester, England…The last three days have been quite fruitful, and the next three have jammed packed events as well. Here is a quick rundown:

Day 1 – Landed in Heathrow, took the train into Paddington, and then enjoyed a traditional English breakfast. Then, walked to Euston and caught the train to Manchester. Got to Manchester and basically had dinner (Fish and Chips, and a few pints) and got some rest.

Day 2 – Began the day trying to find an Internet Café and failed miserably. Then met with a few colleagues and began to catch up with the happenings in their lives…Then, headed to the IFIP Doctoral Consortium Dinner to meet the eager minds. Dinner was great and the conversations were even better…

Day 3 – Had a busy morning at the IFIP Doctoral Consortium. I did my best to pass on a few words of wisdom (and I mean few). This was followed by the evening IFIP reception. A group of students and faculty then headed for dinner and a few pints…Dinner was excellent and so were the conversations…Then, of the group that went to dinner, a few strong-minded and energetic individuals decided that it would be good to visit a few more pubs….I got back to my room at 3 A.M…

Hopefully, there will be a few more updates before I get back to the U.S. No promises…Too many other important, and interesting, things to do in England…Cheers

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