Recently I was interviewed by Peter Kelley of the University Week on the Institute of National Security Education and Research, my origins and research aspirations, and views of a range of topics from the current war on terror to the pursuit of inter-disciplinary research and building global citizens of the future.

The article can be found at: Desouza Feature []

The abstract of the article:
β€œKevin Desouza is an assistant professor in the Information School, adjunct faculty in electrical engineering and the director of the Institute for National Security Education and Research, a constant, a blogger and the author of seven books. Oh, and he’s 27 years old.”

For the full edition of University Week [24 (30), May 31, 2007 – Jun 20, 2007], see

P.S. Thanks to Mary Levin for taking the photograph and spending countless hours fine tuning it…She does work miracles…

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  1. Prof. Desouza this is great! I was just going to drop you an email but I thought I check your Blog to see if you posted about this. Thanks for your INFO 300 insights. Have a nice summer break wherever your travels may take you.

  2. As always, very impressed! The way you transform your ideas in action
    points is amazing, and something I will be grappling with over the next
    several years as I move into education and see the many needs of our
    schools. I may come to you for advice. I was told a couple of weeks ago by
    my professor that I should consider pursuing my doctorate in education, so
    we’ll see where that leads πŸ™‚ Congrats on such a great write up, and I’ll
    send you some decoration for your walls πŸ™‚


  3. It was nice to come out to Seattle and give a talk. INSER is doing very critical work

  4. It is quite motivating and inspiring to see research in IS that has so much impact. Great article!!

  5. Prof Desouza… Only two words are fair enough to describe you: a GREAT MIND. OK, and another two. A GREAT PERSON. Keep up with excellent work & stay yourself…

  6. Kevin,

    Great work! I look forward to reading your latest book. When you come to Chicago, I’ll get them autographed.

  7. Congrats Kevin! It is great to have you here at the iSchool and to work with you. =)

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