Kevin Desouza: Small office, big impact

Recently I was interviewed by Peter Kelley of the University Week on the Institute of National Security Education and Research, my origins and research aspirations, and views of a range of topics from the current war on terror to the pursuit of inter-disciplinary research and building global citizens of the future.

The article can be found at: Desouza Feature []

The abstract of the article:
Kevin Desouza is an assistant professor in the Information School, adjunct faculty in electrical engineering and the director of the Institute for National Security Education and Research, a constant, a blogger and the author of seven books. Oh, and he’s 27 years old.

For the full edition of University Week [24 (30), May 31, 2007 – Jun 20, 2007], see

P.S. Thanks to Mary Levin for taking the photograph and spending countless hours fine tuning it...She does work miracles...

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  1. INFO 300 Student
    INFO 300 Student says:

    Prof. Desouza this is great! I was just going to drop you an email but I thought I check your Blog to see if you posted about this. Thanks for your INFO 300 insights. Have a nice summer break wherever your travels may take you.

  2. Emily D'Souza
    Emily D'Souza says:

    As always, very impressed! The way you transform your ideas in action
    points is amazing, and something I will be grappling with over the next
    several years as I move into education and see the many needs of our
    schools. I may come to you for advice. I was told a couple of weeks ago by
    my professor that I should consider pursuing my doctorate in education, so
    we'll see where that leads 🙂 Congrats on such a great write up, and I'll
    send you some decoration for your walls 🙂


  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It was nice to come out to Seattle and give a talk. INSER is doing very critical work

  4. Sonya
    Sonya says:

    It is quite motivating and inspiring to see research in IS that has so much impact. Great article!!

  5. Peter Baloh
    Peter Baloh says:

    Prof Desouza... Only two words are fair enough to describe you: a GREAT MIND. OK, and another two. A GREAT PERSON. Keep up with excellent work & stay yourself...

  6. Kumar Setty
    Kumar Setty says:


    Great work! I look forward to reading your latest book. When you come to Chicago, I'll get them autographed.

  7. Marie Potter
    Marie Potter says:

    Congrats Kevin! It is great to have you here at the iSchool and to work with you. =)

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