Kevin Desouza: Small office, big impact

Recently I was interviewed by Peter Kelley of the University Week on the Institute of National Security Education and Research, my origins and research aspirations, and views of a range of topics from the current war on terror to the pursuit of inter-disciplinary research and building global citizens of the future. The article can be […]

Finland Distinguished Professor Programme

Thought I share some good news with you. I have been chosen as one of the reviewers for the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme ( which is sponsored by the Academy of Finland (the main funding organization on basic research for Finland; http:// and Tekes (the main public funding organization for applied research and industrial […]

Academic Journal Reviewing: Rubbish…

Occasionally, I question the caliber of a few editors and reputation of the so-called premier journals in the management discipline. I submitted a paper to a journal during the middle of March, two months later, I get the following reply: “I am writing because we have thus far been unable to find a willing reviewer […]

Off to England in a few days…

I will heading to England for a few weeks starting on June 9 and returning on June 25. During this time, I will serve as a faculty mentor for the IFIP 8.6 Doctoral Consortium ( to be held in Manchester, UK. Bob Galliers (Bentley College) is the Doctoral Consortium Chair. Bob has done an excellent […]

Connectivity among Terrorist Groups

How do terrorist networks operate? How do terrorist acquire the necessary resources to carry out their activities? My recent paper, co-authored with T. Hensgen, examines these issues. We take an information and strategic alliance perspective to the issue of understanding the formation of terrorist ties. In addition, we outline how do terrorist alliances grow and […]

Engaged Knowledge Management featured by HP Blog

Stan Garfield of Hewlett Packard (HP) has written about one of my books on his weekly Blog – Weekly Knowledge Management blog by Stan Garfield (see Stan featured, Engaged Knowledge Management: Engagement with New Realities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005) (, a book that I co-authored with Yukika Awazu, as the KM Book of the Week.