“Desouza provides cogent and compelling real world examples that immediately grab your attention. CIO’s can not afford to become complacent in times where the most mundane event – a courier’s misplacement of a data tape for example – can have expensive if not catastrophic consequences. There are bad guys out there willing and able to profit at the expense of the unwary custodian of information. Desouza’s provocative examples will make even the most fastidious CIO think twice about the security of his/her company’s data in a time when very real threats are present in cyberspace. In an age where Information Technologies are ubiquitous and easily acquired, sustainable competitive advantage is achieved through the cultivation and application of intellectual assets, not technology. However, as Desouza points out, ‘Intellectual Asset Management’ is not yet a common college course. This book is your best bet to galvanize your team and your organization. This is must reading for CXO’s in every firm. If you read one management book this year, this is the one to read and to act on – immediately!”

Mike Williams
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Parsons Brinckerhoff

“Desouza has done an impressive job of taking an issue that’s worrying CXOs at companies around the world and simplifying it. While reading this book I was actually scared – our intellectual property is in many cases unprotected and this book is doing a good job by showing how important this issue is to the senior management of any company. A must read…”

Roshan D’Silva
Chairman & CEO

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