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Kevin has published a number of books on a wide range of subjects.

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Pathways to the Making of Prosperous Smart Cities

New paper published with M. Hunter, B. Jacob, and T. Yigitcanlar in Journal of Urban Technology.

Pathways to the Making of Prosperous Smart Cities: An Exploratory Study on the Best Practice

In this paper, we examine the understudied issue of the pathways to smart cities. While the extant literature on smart cities offers several insights into what smart cities are, with a few notable exceptions, it has less to say about how they come to be. With this latter question in mind, we identify three pathways to smart cities: (1) a greenfield development pathway, (2) a neighborhood development pathway, and (3) a platform-oriented platform. Drawing on nine different case studies, we offer some insights into the way in which each of these pathways is, more or less, able to realize the desired smart-city objectives. While exploratory in nature, the study offers unique insights into the pathways to smart cities as well as areas for future research.

To access the paper, please click [here].

China Digital Currency Podcast – Center for Strategic & International Studies – ChinaPower Podcast

I spoke with Bonnie S. Glaser, senior adviser for Asia and the director of the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, host of the ChinaPower PODCAST, on China's plan to develop a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) [LINK].

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences – Best Paper Nomination

Lena Waizenegger (Auckland University of Technology), Isabella Seeber (Universität Innsbruck), Gregory Dawson (Arizona State University) and I have a paper accepted at the upcoming Hawaii International Conference on Information Systems.The paper has been nominated for a best paper award.


Dr Kevin C. Desouza has authored, co-authored, and/or edited nine books, the most recent being Intrapreneurship: Managing Ideas within Your Organization (University of Toronto Press, 2011). He has published more than 125 articles in prestigious practitioner and academic journals. His work has also been featured by a number of publications such as Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Businessweek, and Computerworld, among others  Desouza has advised, briefed, and/or consulted for major international corporations, non-governmental organizations, and public agencies on strategic management issues ranging from management of information systems, to knowledge management, competitive intelligence, government intelligence operations, and crisis management.

Term Papers into Textbooks – iNews – Fall 2008

An interesting article that describes the work being done by graduate students at the Information School, University of Washington as part of the Global Text Project appeared in the fall edition of iNews.

Students of my IMT 581, Information and the Management of Change, class have collaborated with consultants and managers at BearingPoint, a global strategy consulting firm, to create a book on change management for the GTP. Students interacted with consultants and executives at BearingPoint, sought ways to contribute to the book or an individual chapter, and then arrived at a statement of work. The goal of this assignment was to give the student (1) a chance to examine a concept in change management in a detailed manner, (2) an opportunity to contribute to an external product that will impact the lives of future students in the field of change management, and (3) a chance to work with members of a leading management and technology organization to co-create a valuable product. Based on the feedback, both students and the practitioners enjoyed the project, the interactions, and each group learned about course-related topics that enhanced their knowledge bases. The model of collaborating with industry on student assignments for a global cause was an innovation that I prototyped, and, based on the positive response from both students and practitioners, I am currently considering how to scale this model to involve a wide array of industry participants into similar projects.

To read the entire issue - http://www.ischool.washington.edu/events/newsletter.aspx

Information-Communication Technologies Open Up Innovation

I have a new paper published in Research-Technology Management - Information-Communication Technologies Open Up Innovation.


Information-Communication Technologies (ICTs) are no longer just for internal use. Rather, in the era of open and distributed innovation, they must be leveraged by businesses and organizations to reach, record and review ideas from internal and external sources ranging from vendors, suppliers and customers to employees. ICTs enable the entire innovation process, from idea generation and development to experimenting and testing, and, finally, to commercialization of ideas.
Awazu, Y., Baloh, P., Desouza, K.C., Wecht, C.H., Kim, J.Y., and Jha, S. “Information-Communication Technologies Open Up Innovation,” Research-Technology Management, 52(1), 2009, 51-58.
To access the paper: LINK
Research-Technology Management is the award-winning, bi-monthly journal of the Industrial Research Institute, published since 1958. It contains peer-reviewed articles covering the entire spectrum of technological innovation, from research and development through product development to marketing. RTM is a leading source of knowledge and best practices on innovation management for leaders of research, development, and engineering worldwide. [LINK]

Outsourcing Conference in Poland…A Smashing Success

I had a great time in Warsaw, Poland. During my time in Warsaw, I launched the Polish Edition of The Outsourcing Handbook (Kogan Page, 2006). The Polish version, Outsourcing: Podr?cznik sprawdzonych praktyk, is published by Wydawnictwo MT Biznes.

I enjoyed meeting with executives from leading Polish organizations. We had excellent discussions and debates on a wide assortment of topics from the role of outsourcing in emerging economies, to how the financial crisis will impact outsourcing strategies of vendors and clients, and the future of outsourcing for competitive strategies.

Here are some press articles that covered the conference:

Thank You… and Pictures from Warsaw on a Nice Winter Day

I had a fantastic time in Warsaw today. Thanks to Harvard Business Review Polska (especially Antoni Bielewicz, Patrycja Iwinska-Szpuda, Marek Wochna), IBM (Robert Jursza), Instytut Outsourcing, and the numerous other sponsors for organizing an exciting day of sightseeing around Warsaw. Thanks to all 120+ executives from leading Polish companies (e.g. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, ADP, McKinsey, Alcatel-Lucent, among others) who attended the book launch event yesterday. It will take me a few days to write back to all of you, but I promise to spend time to thank each of you individually…See below for some pictures from Warsaw...

Managing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction – An Information Management Perspective

I have a new article published.

Desouza, K.C., and Lau, K.A. “Managing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: An Information Management Perspective,” International Journal of Public Administration, 31 (13), 2008, 1457–1512.

The threat towards international security that terrorists, failed or failing states, and rogue regimes pose when in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is a very significant one. Having accurate and timely intelligence is a must in today’s security environment, especially when estimating WMD capabilities. Breakdowns in information management relating to WMD intelligence can be responsible for failures in deterring a WMD attack or may create a false alarm regarding a nation’s capabilities, with equally serious consequences. This paper seeks to propose a framework for understanding the informational failures associated with estimating a state’s WMD capabilities using an information management model. Estimating a state’s nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) weapons capabilities is complicated due to several factors. At every point of the intelligence process that will later transcend to policy and action, there are challenges that affect how information is managed. This article will cover these different challenges by organizing them into four information management categories: Sources Management, Analytics Management, Interpretation Management, and Actions Management. An appreciation of the informational challenges associated with WMD detection may lead to improved practices of information management thereby resulting in accurate assessments regarding WMD capabilities and policy agendas.

To access the article - LINK

Just Released – Polish Version of The Outsourcing Handbook

My co-authored book, The Outsourcing Handbook: How to Implement a Successful Outsourcing Process (Kogan Page, 2006), has been translated into Polish by Wydawnictwo MT Biznes. The Polish Edition is titled: Outsourcing: Podr?cznik sprawdzonych praktyk. The book has been endorsed by the Outsourcing Institute (Poland).

Stwórz organizacj? przysz?o?ci
Ile zada? twoja firma mog?aby zleca? na zewn?trz i czerpa? z tego korzy?ci?Te korzy?ci to nie tylko oszcz?dno?ci. Outsourcing to tak?e dost?p do wiedzy w g?owach ekspertów poza twoj? organizacj?. To szybki wzrost si?y rynkowej bez pot??nych inwestycji. To model biznesowy, w którym p?acisz tylko za to, co faktycznie jest ci potrzebne. Lecz je?li outsourcing ma da? twojej firmie szerokie korzy?ci, musisz umie? nim zarz?dza?.

Ta ksi??ka to podr?cznik dla mened?erów napisany przez praktyków z wieloletnim do?wiadczeniem w projektach outsourcingowych na ca?ym ?wiecie. Dowiesz si? z niej:
  • które zadania zleca? na zewn?trz, a które lepiej realizowa? wewn?trznie,
  • jak przeprowadzi? konkurs ofert dostawców,
  • jaki wybra? typ kontraktu outsourcingowego,
  • jak ograniczy? chaos w pierwszej fazie wspó?pracy z nowym dostawc?,
  • co zrobi?, ?eby nie uzale?ni? si? od kiepskiego dostawcy,
  • kiedy podj?? trudn? decyzj? o zako?czeniu wspó?pracy z dostawc?.

Zasobów nie trzeba posiada? na w?asno??. Wystarczy mie? do nich dost?p. Dzi? organizacje zlecaj? na zewn?trz prawie wszystko, od obs?ugi kadrowej do projektów badawczych. Umiej?tno?? wspó?pracy z wykonawcami zewn?trznymi staje si? jedn? z podstawowych kompetencji mened?era. Outsourcing to model biznesowy jutra. Naucz si? go ju? dzi? i czerp z niego korzy?ci.


Mark J. Power jest prezesem mi?dzynarodowej firmy konsultingowej ROS Incorporated. Power od ponad pi?tnastu lat zarz?dza projektami outsourcingowymi na ca?ym ?wiecie. Jest pionierem w obszarze edukacji na temat outsourcingu. Za?o?y? centra treningowe, w których przeszkolono wielu spo?ród dzisiejszych liderów outsourcingu: Outsourcing Certificate oraz Outsourcing Boot Camp. Multimedialny zestaw edukacyjny Powera pod tytu?em Strategic Outsourcing Framework cieszy si? uznaniem mened?erów w dwunastu krajach.

Kevin C. Desouza by? dyrektorem Institute for Engaged Business Research, który jest cz??ci? Engaged Enterprise, firmy konsultingowej specjalizuj?cej si? mi?dzy innymi w zarz?dzania wiedz? i zarz?dzaniu kryzysem. Engaged Enterprise realizuje zlecenia z sektora rz?dowego i pe?ni funkcj? wywiadowni gospodarczej. Desouza jest autorem ksi??ki Managing Knowledge with Artificial Intelligence oraz wspó?autorem ksi??ek: Managing Information in Complex Organizations oraz Engaged Knowledge Management.

Carlo Bonifazi jest wspó?za?o?ycielem i wiceprezesem firmy konsultingowej ROS Incorporated. Ma dwudziestoletnie do?wiadczenie w wielu dziedzinach technologicznych. Prowadzi? globalne przedsi?wzi?cia outsourcingowe w sferze rozwoju produktów oraz IT. Uczestniczy? w projektach, których celem by?o tworzenie oprogramowania, rozwijanie infrastruktury sieciowej, prowadzenie obs?ugi telekomunikacyjnej, zapewnianie bezpiecze?stwa danych oraz wdra?anie systemów CRM i ERP.


Pierwsza publikacja na polskim rynku tak kompleksowo i uniwersalnie prezentuj?ca ró?norakie aspekty wspó?pracy z zewn?trznymi dostawcami. Doskona?y poradnik dla aktualnych i potencjalnych odbiorców us?ug outsourcingowych, pokazuje krok po kroku na co nale?y zwróci? szczególn? uwag?, a jakich b??dów unika?, aby optymalnie wykorzysta? p?yn?ce z outsourcingu profity.- Anna Zawadzka, Dyrektor ds.. Marketingu i Rozwoju ArchiDoc

Podr?cznik outsourcingu to warto?ciowe ?ród?o wiedzy, dla wszystkich tych, którzy w obliczu globalnej perspektywy, poszukuj? metod lepszego zarz?dzania, na rynku, który cechuje coraz wi?ksza z?o?ono??. W odpowiedzi na nowe wyzwania, lektura skierowana do szerokiego gronaCzytelników, zarówno tych nowych, jak i korzystaj?cych z outsourcingowej formy powierzenia odpowiedzialno?ci. Gor?co polecam. - Robert Jursza, Outsourcing Strategiczny w IBM Polska

Ta ksi??ka przeprowadzi ci? przez wszystkie kluczowe elementy cyklu outsourcingu. Ten dobrze zorganizowany podr?cznik jest niezawodn? i praktyczn? pomoc? dla ka?dego, kto zajmuje si? outsourcingiem, czy to outsourcingiem projektów produkcyjnych czy opartych na pracy koncepcyjnej.— Deependra Moitra, dyrektor generalny do spraw bada?, Infosys Technologies